Abiku / Kid Camaro: Split 7-inch

Split 7-inch between Baltimore-based electro-punk-thrash outfit Abiku (Jane Vincent and Josh Jaworskyfrom), which gets three ferociously noisy tracks, and arcade raver Kid Camaro, who gets two. On side A, a reasonably sane vocal by Vincent soars over a melodic synth-and-guitar-generated maelstrom in “Regency” before morphing into an animalistic scream during the electro-gothic “Feel.” The primal howl of “Bobby” recalls the hardcore thrash John Zorn liked to hustle in Naked City. The flip's got two tracks by Kid Camaro, the alias of one Wyatt de Mille, reportedly residing on the coast of Virginia in Chesapeake Bay. His material's easier on the ears, and might be described as a rather primitive but still playful brand of frenetic synth-pop. Take cover when beats and synths collide in “Drop” and hyper-active jungle beats slide across jittery 8-bit melodies in “Dusk.”

August 2007