Ada: Fizzmann

Ada's latest 12-inch single is much like a 45 rpm single of old: there are two songs only and the pair weighs in at a blink-and-you'll-miss-it fourteen minutes. Even so, “Fizzmann” and “Barren Space” thoroughly whet one's appetite for what ones hopes will be a larger offering to come. “Fizzmann” swings and struts feverishly while syncopated chords and keyboard sprinkles surge forward relentlessly and ticking beats swish and skip. Slapped silly by handclaps and chaperoned by ringing ride cymbals, the slinky techno mover “Barren Space” writhes determinedly while trying to wrest free of an acid straitjacket. Ada clearly specializes in classy art-techno for the next century.

January 2008