Agnes: Numbers Elements
lomidhigh lmtd

STHLMAUDIO label head Agnes brings formidable production skills to two exquisite dub monsters on lomidhigh lmtd's sophomore effort, the10-inch Numbers Elements. Driven by an oceanically deep bass line, the A side's “Nines Reciprocity” rumbles forth for ten minutes in a perfect lumbering tempo while distorted voices groan and stabs of echoing chords resonate over top. Though its mix is as deep and multi-dimensional, the flip's “Everything You Need Is Two” moves with a slightly faster, jaguar-like stealth. The sweetest moment occurs when Agnes, having dropped out the bass and drums to let a Melodica accent shine through, delectably kicks the thunderous groove back into position. Put simply, Numbers Elements is hypnotically deep dub skank that could make Pole green with envy. Like every lomidhigh lmtd release, the 10-inch is available in a run of 200 copies (hand-numbered with handmade stencil artwork on each cover) so grab it while you can.

April 2007