Alphabets Heaven: Boosh
King Deluxe

A twenty-eight-minute follow-up to last year's Jay's Odyssey, the debut release from Alphabets Heaven (London, England-based Jonny Wildey), Boosh features four new tracks and three remixes by Headshotboyz, Robot Koch, and wArkawArka. No better argument for the Alphabets Heaven project is needed than the title track, which dishes out four neck-snapping minutes of state-of-the-art bass science, all slow-mo rhythms, claps, and sci-fi synth swirl. By contrast, “Genggeng” finds Wildey frenetically weaving a wild mix of vocal samples into slippery stutter-funk, before the more controlled “Soul Dancing” and “Deartentonine” school us in the art of lo-riding bass funk and heady scene-painting. Though it totals a mere thirteen minutes, the original material speaks strongly in favour of the Alphabets Heaven detail-packed sound.

More than half of the EP's made up of remix material, but you'll hear no objections from this corner. In the release's most seductive setting, Headshotboyz's jazz-tinged take on “Darma” offers a deliciously warm and smooth bask in the sun, while Robot Koch turns “Woman” into a snappy, bass-powered swinger nicely sweetened by the presence of a female vocalist. The EP-ending deconstruction of “Arka” by wArkawArka is as addled as the remixer's moniker, seeing as how it splinters the track into a multitude of equally hyperactive directions. No matter: it's the original Alphabets Heaven tracks that are the main course here, even if the dish itself amounts to a relatively modest serving.

May 2012