Ammoncontact: Brothers From Another
Plug Research

With Brothers From Another, Fabian Ammon and Carlos Niño publish the next chapter of the Ammon Contact experience. Carrying on from last year's Sounds Like Everything, the group drops eight head-nodders whose grooves lope and lumber alongside warbling bass lines, subtle percussion flavourings, and minimal melodic sprinkles. Mixing hiphop, soul, and jazz, tracks like the slinky “Blue Sky, Purple Clouds And Thunder” and the funked-up “For Super Sound” restlessly flit from one style to another, but Anthony Valadez's megamix treatment pushes the idea to the extreme on “Positive Contact” where Sol Uprising's flow alternates with sweet soul-funk by an (unidentified) female singer. In spite of its brevity, Brothers From Another bodes well for the group's upcoming full-length One In An Infinity of Ways.

October 2004