Am/Pm & Lump: Am/Pm & Lump

Like other Süd releases, this split 12-inch from Swiss-born and London-based Radovan Scasascia (aka Am/Pm and Secondo) and Finland native Lump (Arttu Snellman) oozes elaborate textural detail. Opening the EP with mystery and drama, Am/Pm's “Small Talk” reveals a dub-like dimension in its spacious production and textures. The song begins with restless percussive activity alongside abrupt piano splashes and an anchoring pulse but, following a momentary pause, the rhythm turns progressively more syncopated with the addition of bass accents and synth flares. Warm melodic snippets billow over a bumping tech-house groove in “Foolish Thing To Do” with the track again enriched by an incessant barrage of aggressive percussive accents and bright cymbal flourishes. Lump's “Prime Dilemma” pairs a sashaying country swing and soft guitar twang with a constant chatter of shudders, tears, and clicks while the funk-based clubber “Happy Droid” pairs granulated noise flutter with a strolling robotic groove and synth blips. In short: four tracks of high-quality material from Alan Abraham's (aka Portable) Süd imprint.

July 2005