Gabriel Ananda: Bassmaschinchen Part 2

Bassmaschinchen Part Two continues Gabriel Ananda's ‘Little bass machines' techno project on Treibstoff. A veteran of numerous 12-inch releases on imprints like Trapez, Substatic, and Karmarouge, Ananda's clearly an expert at this sort of thing: he knows exactly when to drop out the bottom, draw the tension noose-tight, and then kick the beats back in. The impossibly tight and funky opener “Lo Go” verges on techno nirvana as Ananda builds the intensity ever-so-carefully until the track fully blossoms midway through. He then slathers acid over the robust jack of “Modulationen” before changing it up entirely on the third track “Take Off Sweep.” More Stockhausen than Surgeon, the dissonant soundscape suggests what the experience of porcupine needles piercing your inner eardrum might feel like.

January 2007