Antonelli Electr.: Laziness

The prospect of new tracks by Stefan Schwander (aka Antonelli Electr.) assumes considerably greater appeal the moment one recalls two of Schwander's other guises: The Repeat Orchestra and Rhythm_Maker (aliases under which he has recorded for A Touch of Class and Background Records, respectively). Contrary to its tongue-in-cheek title, Laziness is hardly indolent though it is understated and serene. With its gleaming minimal house pulse, the infectious opener “Dusty” finds Schwander in deep Repeat Orchestra mode. The dubbed-out “Slipstream” glides through a brightly-lit machine shop, while softly percolating rhythms and swishing hi-hats converge in “Snowflake Funk.” As streams of hiss cross-cut over synth washes, the cavernous techno-dub closer “Laziness” grows gradually more animated while never losing its dark aura. Though each of the four tracks is slightly different in character, all showcase Schwander's arranging skills and deft handling of different styles.

November 2005