[a]pendics.shuffle: Hot Guardian & The Freestyle Formula
Adjunct Audio

Dapayk: Songs Make Money

Dapayk's (Niklas Worgt of Mo's Ferry Productions) cheeky Songs Make Money 12-inch oozes the customary ORAC charm. The A side's “Songs Make Money” rolls out a sprightly click-house vamp before Dapayk's, shall we say, 'mentally challenged' vocal slithers into view (“Songs make money / I've seen it on TV / Songs make money / I know it”). Flip it over to hear Caro boss Randy Jones expose the cut's twisted innards and then re-animate it with perky Casio sounds in a warped tech-house mix plus Dapayk's creeped-out night crawler “Sutterluety.” Always refreshing to encounter Orac's irreverence and bent sense of humour.

Following his [a]pendics.shuffle album Helicopter Hearts on Orac, (Ken Gibson) drops Hot Guardian & The Freestyle Formula, the premiere 12-inch on his own Adjunct label. Granular crackle roasts the skipping acid-funk groove of “Dirty Bed” while Gibson growls over chugging beats like some lecherous uncle. The subsequent 'West End Ghetto remix' transforms it into a jacking mechano-stomper before “Optimal Clamour” woozily closes the [a]pendics shop. Admittedly Gibson's disc is more a perpetuation of the full-length's sound than an advance but the material's infectious nonetheless.

June 2006