Arrow!!!: D.O.E.S. EP

Alpha District member and exclamation mark fetishist Roscoe Williamson inaugurates his electro-based ARROW!!! guise with four burning tracks, including a remix by Breakbot, on the EP D.O.E.S. The title track's filthy electro-funk does some serious damage with its delirious mix of thunderous backbeats, pumping fuzz bass attack, and cacophonous synth noise, while Breakbot's ‘French Pute Mix' cools the pace ever so slightly and, aided by a darting bass groove, gets the tune into a stranglehold that alternately oozes traces of soul-jazz and disco. Powered by a steamrolling bass throb, “Candy Monster” squeals and writhes like an octopus on ecstasy, after which the anthemic club raver “Superfilth!!!” chops heads with meat-cleaver hi-hats, a stomping groove, and jittery voice edits that suggest the screams a cat might emit during electroshock therapy. File under fresh UK electro.

September 2007