Ascii.Disko: A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge
Biatch Corp

A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge by Ascii.Disko ( Hamburg, Germany's Daniel Holc) is upstart label Biatch Corp's second release. Though Holc's lately been issuing electro material, this latest two-tracker represents a serious foray into acid-techno. Following an intro whose mid-tempo stomp recalls Gnarls Barkley's “Crazy” of all things, “Black Acid” settles into formation with a bottom-feeding bass pulse and then builds acid-drenched tension with siren-like buildups and synth-simulated shooting stars. The track's relentless groove gets really filthy at the five-minute mark and hews to its barn-burning vibe for the remainder until the details fall to the wayside, exposing the tune's snaking bass line and pounding kick drum one final time. Slightly more minimal by comparison, “H.O.W.L” gets things moving with a thumping bass throb and handclaps before a grinding sine wave appears augmented by a melodic motif that hammers so insistently it starts to feel like a trepanning operation. Both cuts are hellacious club tracks that roar so loudly they're impossible to ignore.

February 2009