Atone: Un An Plus Tard EP
Autres Directions in Music

Un An Plus Tard EP is the third free EP made available by Autres Directions in Music, this one offering seven reworks of songs from Atone's (Antoine Monzonis-Calvet) 2006 Un An. Like the album itself, the new pieces are ethereal in character, with most of the contributors applying their associated styles to the material in question: The Remote Viewer's “Seul” treatment filters a rather dubby sea of melancholy chords and tinkling rhythm patterns through the static interference of a broken-down radio; The Boats' “Au Revoir” remix becomes a lilting dance of melancholy melodies against the rapid pitter-patter of stuttering flicker and handclaps; and Pandatone refracts “Introduction” into a moody meander of organ chords and ambient hiss, before beats and a glockenspiel ping make brief interjections. In addition, Tony transforms “4 Minutes Pour Une Rupture En 3 Temps” into a shape-shifting mass of flicker that's abruptly swallowed by bells, Praveen treats “Accordéon” to a shimmering ‘Harmonium Remix' that blossoms like a brilliantly picturesque dream, and Angers-based Tanuki, aided by friends (‘les choeurs de Paimboeuf'), takes “Résonance” on a post-rock ride that ends at a bucolic countryside inn with a sing-along. The most surprising mix is by Japanese band Lullatone whose mix of propulsive beats and willowy keyboard gleam in “Résonance” is surprisingly aggressive and up-tempo. Un An Plus Tard EP—especially considering that it's free—makes for a nice treat for fans of ‘ambient electronic' music.

June 2007