Audio Injection: Kommunicate EP
Droid Recordings

Andre Gardeja: Fresh Anjoulique
Freizeitglauben Berlin

On its Kommunicate 12-inch, Audio Injection gets busy with Droid label head Drumcell on two energized tracks, and invites Tony Rohr and Dietrich Schonemann over for a title remix. With a pounding drum pattern leading the charge, “Kommunicate” wastes no time getting the party started. Bleepy motifs twist and shout atop the jittery, bass-heavy rumble before the cut settles into a steaming jack that rolls out with pile-driving force. The vibe gets even heavier in Rohr and Schonemann's fearless makeover with razor-sharp hand claps, insistent analog loops, and radio interference tailor-made to induce delirium. Audio Injection and Drumcell grab the reins once again on the flip for the mightily surging acid-jack of “Bottle Opener.” Definitely no lack of energy or enthusiasm here.

Having contributed for more than a decade to the scene as a DJ, record store owner, and label boss, Freizeitglauben head Andre Gardeja steps out with his first vinyl EP. Nine-minute “Fresh Anjoulique” opts for the slow buildup but, by the three-minute mark, is rumbling along breezily with an ear-catching dub-house mix of keyboard burble and breathy exhalations. The temperature remains warm and the forecast sunny for the duration, though Gardeja disrupts the calm with some well-timed stabs and slams along the way. B-side “Sandfunk” swells and contracts during its dub-house journey, with chordal streams shimmering in the open air before retiring for the evening.

August 2007