A Work in Progress: Let Me Do Yore / A Moment of Truth

Co-produced by Chez Damier, A Work in Progress's debut EP for Yore features two old-school stompers—club jams essentially—that rock for eight club-ready minutes apiece. The A-side's “Let Me Do Yore” starts off in tribal mode and then adds triangle and shakers to its relaxed percussive groove before shuttling off into the stratosphere where sheets of synthetic slivers dart past at lightning speed; the track's bottom-heavy pulse builds in intensity as claps and soulful voice swirls bring a delirious vibe to the proceedings. Following a Detroit-tinged intro, the flip's “A Moment of Truth” slides into place with congas and claps helping it find its way. Sizzling hi-hats and a thumping kick drum subsequently deepen the groove while a funky bass line provides hip-shaking accompaniment. The addition of sparkling Rhodes playing shifts the track into Rick Wade territory, with the cut oozing a summery feel thanks to a tight Wade-styled beat pattern, string accents, and a wiry synthesizer solo. Like much of Yore's output, the release is definitely old-school but in the freshest way possible.

October 2009