B33P3R: Suspicion

Couched within a transparent, trigger-activated disc-release case, B33P3R's Suspicion separates itself immediately from the crowd. But does the fifteen-minute EP by Tolga Taluy, the Turkish-born and France-based founder of post.disco, leave an equally strong sonic impression? With looping patterns of clinical signals that subtly swell into a complex setting of surges, strums, and smears, the opening track, “UHT Whore,” suggests that B33P3R's style leans towards understatement; it's not necessarily tentative but, with no piece exceeding four minutes (and “F7 047” an exercise in voice manipulations, a mere half-minute fragment), restrained nonetheless. “Save As” begins with high-velocity pans before settling into an intricate weave of grinding thrum, wipes, and beats, somewhat like a cross between an amplified ant colony and a roomful of factory machines operating in tandem. As the EP progresses, its sound becomes more aggressive too: peopled by an army of writhing organisms, “Against the Day” recalls EP7-period Autechre while “Parking Lots + Swimming Pools” rips apart its hammering rhythms and reshapes them into new creatures. In these last two pieces in particular, B33P3R's short but promising debut draws upon the extreme directions pursued by Aphex Twin and Autechre at their most adventurous without lapsing into incoherence.

May 2007