Band Ane: Anish Music

Ane Ostergaard's Band Ane debut Anish Music overflows with slippery melodies, clip-hop stutter, and eccentric electronic noise-making. The 23-year-old Aarhus, Denmark resident is willing to use any sound, no matter its origin, if it'll add something of interest to her intricate sonic pastiches (is that a typewriter generating clicks in the vocal wonderland “Lala”?). Peel away the clutter, however, and you'll discover an obvious talent for melody—under the beat excess in “Wood Delivery” and “Undoubtedly,” for instance, memorably ruminative piano melodies reside. Drawing upon a background as a pianist and former drummer as well as home exposure to electroacoustic and avant-garde music while growing up, Ostergaard's voice is distinctive—child-like, playful, at times anarchistic—but one longs for the coherence that a slightly more disciplined approach would impose (something almost accomplished in the oft-gentle closer “Three Things to Remember”). Apparently, Ostergaard is currently enrolled in the electronic department at the music conservatory in Aarhus ; hopefully, as her studies progress, her music will continue to grow in refinement without losing its individuating playfulness and open-mindedness.

November 2006