Be Maledetto Now!: Abisso del Passato pt. 1
Boring Machines / Vuoto

Be Maledetto Now!: Abisso del Passato pt. 2
Boring Machines

Be Maledetto Now! (a pairing of Be Invisible Now! and Maledetto/Nihil is Me) adopt the unusual practice of issuing an album as separate parts, the first, Abisso del Passato pt. 1, on 180 gram vinyl and the second, Abisso del Passato pt. 2, on CD. Generating the releases' hour of material using analogue synthesizers, effects, and treated guitar (after three years spent jamming and recording), the outfit takes its inspiration from Philip K. Dick (The Man in the High Castle , Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, etc.) and the film The Forbidden Planet in creating supraterrestrial space drones of molten, slow-burning character.

The first part's “Third Foundation” unspools like some untethered, slow-motion drift through the furthest reaches of space when electric guitar tendrils echo and bleed into infinity atop a ponderous tick-tock rhythm for seventeen brain-melting minutes. Picking up where it leaves off, Abisso del Passato pt. 2 opens with limpid swells of synthetics and guitars before plunging into the center of a nebula in “The Heaven Makers Part VI-IX” and “Tutti Quei Simulacri” where sputtering synths and smoldering guitars gradually intensify to incendiary levels. Be Maledetto Now! aspires to filter the science fiction of yesteryear through a contemporary lens in its cloudy electroacoustic settings, which blaze with swollen synth patterns and crushing guitar textures. Throw in a little bit of Dr. Who and 2001: A Space Odyssey and you'll feel like you're halfway to Jupiter.

February 2010