Jonas Bering: Lost Paradise

Given the romantic splendour of his music, it doesn't surprise that Jonas Bering hails from Lille, France. Wholly free of gloom and every inch a match for his recent triumph Behind This Silence, Bering's techno sparkles beatifically on the aptly-titled Lost Paradise. The title cut, five minutes of buoyant swing and gloriously flowing synth rivers, sets the mood before “37°2” works a clockwork pulse and wavering two-chord base into a trance. It's side two, however, that really lifts the EP to the heavens. Following the propulsive shimmer of “Before Sunset” comes “Ring Ring Ring,” the disc's most ravishing piece. Bering drapes two beautiful themes over a chattering, string-kissed pulse, the first a descending melodica motif, the second an even more wistful melody that'll make you feel like you're touring through the French countryside in a convertible without a care in the world.

August 2006