Bianco: Cioccolato Sessuale

Currently ensconced in New Mexico as the head engineer at Ivjohaje Studios in Santa Fe, Geoff White returns from the open road with a new alias (Bianco) to supplement an existing one (Aeroc). Obviously White pursues different directions under the two guises—atmospheric guitarscaping as Aeroc vs. jacking techno as Bianco—but the two aliases share guitar as the major sound source. The Ghostly and Background vet (among others) opens Cioccolato Sessuale with the techno bounce of “Cioccolatto,” whose sliced'n'diced weave of guitar and voice snippets may remind some listeners of Akufen's My Way, and follows it with three more uptempo and nimble-footed tracks. “Noce Di Cocco,” “Mai Mai,” and “Dato” all traffic in a bright brand of twitchy techno-funk, with their uniformly jaunty spirit offset only once when a downtrodden melody descends hauntingly during “Dato.” In addition to the Persistencebit EP, R+B=?, White's sequel to Viscous Solid, is arriving soon plus he's got a few Spectral EPs in the works too.

May 2008