Blu Mar Ten: Famous Lost Words Remixes: Part 3
Blu Mar Ten Music

Issued approximately one month apart, the three remix EPs based on material from Blu Mar Ten's 2013 Famous Lost Words album culminate with this fine third installment featuring makeovers by Ulterior Motive, Kimyan Law, and Nuage.

Ulterior Motive mates James Davidson and Greg Hepworth, whose own The Fourth Wall full-length has just appeared on Metalheadz, are first up with a captivating take on “In Your Eyes,” which, in its original form, was rendered memorable by, among other things, a superb vocal by Agne Genyte. The duo's remix recasts the cut as a lethal half-stepper whose ominous disposition is reinforced by a pitched-down treatment of the vocal that lends it a surprisingly androgynous character.

A new and exclusive artist to Blu Mar Ten Music, Kimyan Law dims the lights on “Half the Sky” for an elegant treatment that oozes a dramatic, late-night feel, especially when Law threads acoustic sounds such as piano and kalimba into its arrangement.

Closing out the EP, Nuage (St. Petersburg-based Dmitry Kuzmin) reimagines the title track of Blu Mar Ten's album as an alluring, ballad-styled dreamscape in a deeply evocative style much like the kind showcased throughout his own new album Prints of You. It's a fitting end, not just to this release but to the remix series as a whole, whose nine cuts would easily hold up if gathered into an album-styled presentation.

December 2014