Roberto Bosco: Login Exact EP

Mowar's fourth release finds Naples-based Roberto Bosco showcasing his techno skills in two deep, Detroit -laced cuts and bringing Matt O'Brien aboard on remix duty. The title track bolts from the gate with a thunderous tech-house groove whose tribal pulse Bosco warms with swirling streams of synthetic chords. The pace never flags and if anything grows more inistent as the track unfolds and a joyfully sweet sing-song melody sneaks in from the sidelines. Naturally less feverish by nature, “Login Dub” retraces its predecessor's steps albeit in a slightly more relaxed gait and in a mix that emphasizes billowing atmosphere more than kinetic thrust—at least until the floodgate opens and a bottom-feeding bass throb rolls into position. On the flip, Offkey Industries head Matt O'Brien tackles “Login Exact,” stripping the original to its skeletal essence, imbuing it with a subsonic force, and wrapping it an eerie gyroscopic melody that makes the trip feel like a sonic transcription of a psychotic episode. At twenty-one minutes, the EP's cuts get the job done in unfussy and ultra-efficient manner.

December 2009