Breitbandkater: Technology Gap 001
Technology Gap

Anyone wondering what Oliver Koch's Breitbankater project's all about need only turn to the EP's opening cut, “Warm and Wet,” wherein the Cologne-based producer proclaims, “I want the best for you / So everything I do / is house music.” Yep, Technology Gap001 is house music all right, and a particularly fine sampling of it too. The aforementioned “Warm and Wet” immediately declares itself an EP high point the moment its thumping bass pulse kicks in. Sleekly designed, the cut begins with a tight minimal swing that swells into a jacking house fireball while serving up six minutes of chunky chords and cracking snares. The second track, “Wonder Why,” tips the balance in a slightly more soulful deep house direction when Monojoe spreads an exuberant vocal over Koch's lush backing. Warm chords and a sweetly grooving pulse provide a soft cushion for some old-school cymbal patterns and a radiant synth hook in the smooth stormer. Adopting a slightly more atmospheric approach, Morning Factory winds up the EP with a trippy remix of “Warm and Wet” which finds Koch's vocal drifting through the slow-building mix in a semi-entranced daze. Lovers of classy deep house should no doubt find much to admire about Breitbankater's three-tracker.

July 2010