Mossa: Slavery When Wet

Bruno Pronsato: Wuorinen

These 12-inch discs from Bruno Pronsato (Steven Ford) and Mossa (Jeremy Petrus) find Orac's computer funk machinery operating smoothly. Pronsato largely eschews melody for atmosphere on his three-tracker but that's perfectly alright when the material pulses so vigorously. Peppered by unsettling punctuations of tolling bells, the subtly jacking “Wuorinen” tantalizingly merges snippets of a woman's breathy “Is love” with careening showers of asteroid blips and percussive flutter; Jackmate then exposes the tune's ominous underbelly in a skeletal remix, with the vocal spotlight ceded to a man's lecherous “I was made for you; you were made for me.” Turn it over to hear Pronsato sprinkle tumbling piano chords over a slithering club groove in “Live in Cascadia,” much to the apparent delight of applauding minions.

Crowned by dubbed-out stutters and flares, a roiling low end throbs mercilessly throughout Mossa's skanky shuffler “Slavery When Wet.” In Petrus's hands, voice whooshes stream incessantly over propulsive jacking rhythms, after which Ben Nevile tweaks the tune to steaming shreds in a bass-heavy remix. The eight-minute “Gastrula” struts cheekily as it gestates a micro-edited, tech-house broil of chopped voice babble, scurrying pulses, and streaming machine noise; at the six-minute mark, Petrus startlingly drops the beats altogether before letting the track ride out in a hiccupping haze of voice slices. In typical Orac fashion, the discs' infectious and richly detailed material is as potent on the dance floor as off.

January 2006