Bury the Sound: Autumn Magnets EP
Hidden Shoal

Autumn Magnets, a three-song EP by Melbourne-based quartet Bury the Sound, brings Hidden Shoal's ‘instrumental rock' side to the fore. Pianist Halina Porecki, guitarist Tim Clarke, bassist Simon Jaunay, and drummer Shannon Hayes formed the instrumental outfit in 2004 and proceeded to refine its multi-hued tapestry on a 2005 four-track demo EP before issuing the latest material. “What Would One Become” eases into view slowly with an elegant electric guitar and ride cymbal combination but soon incrementally swells in force, with a high-pitched stream of whistling tones arcing over the ever-intensifying guitar-bass-drums interweave. After a mid-song breakdown, the uptempo second half grows ever fierier, especially when propelled by drummer Shannon Hayes' fierce attack. Lush tonal and percussive textures lend the more subdued “Saratoga” a dreamy and meditative vibe, though Hayes' aggressive beatsmithing prevents the tune from getting too ponderous. Porecki's delicate piano ruminations move to the fore on “Gemini Unbound,” at least until jagged guitar stabs nearly drown it out. It's the most atmospherically varied piece of the three, with raw, explosive episodes alternating with quiet, bass-dominated passages. Based on the material here, Bury the Sound might be described as a natural first cousin to kindred outfits Run_Return and Do Make Say Think.

August 2007