Canson / Styro2000: Gueti Sach / Inchworm

Liviu Groza: Pink Suit Thriller EP

For two years, clubbers gathered at Grubenstrasse 28 in Zurich until the neighborhood forced a shut-down. Rising from those ashes is the Gs label which opens its doors with two mellow ravers by Canson and Styro2000 (Gs plans to only feature acts who were guests at its parties). Canson's “Gueti Sach” gets things moving with smooth flow and slinky grooves. Over seven minutes, the Zurich producer coils a serpentine bass line around an anchoring 4/4 kick drum and then sweetens the deal with well-placed voice snippets, shuddering echoes, and off-beat whirrs and squirts. “Inchworm” opens with a lurch that literally evokes the titular insect but Styro2000 moves on quickly, picking up steam with syncopated rolls that tumble and scatter and tiny sprites that softly chatter as they make their way across the pavement. The sweetest moment comes after the mid-song breakdown when the groove deepens and the noose tightens.

Hailing from Geneva , Switzerland , kindred spirit Liviu Groza takes the reins for the Num records 12-inch Pink Suit Thriller. The A-side's “Camélidé ” opens understatedly in minimal mode but kicks into action with a gently swinging chug that grows ever more infectious over its eight-minute span. Splashes of radioactive washes and whirrs and funky voice edits help the flip's minimal house cut “Say What” make a stronger impression, and its nimble, slippery groove doesn't hurt either.

July 2007