Cardopusher: Instant Loving EP
Frijsfo Beats

Fresh on the heels of his mid-2011 outing, Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up (Tigerbeat6/Shockout), Cardopusher (Barcelona-based and Venezuelan-born Luis Garbàn) delivers another twenty-minute set that shows that his fifteen minutes are most definitely not up. If anything, Instant Loving suggests Garbàn's been keeping his ear close to the ground and soaking up all manner of fresh sounds.

Cardopusher's high-octane marriage of garage, deep house, and dubstep gets a mighty workout in “Instant Glue,” all off-kilter beatsmithing and soulful vocal snippets. Garbàn stokes the track with an elastic funk groove that roars with serious purpose and peppers the lush synth melodies with staccato vocal accents in a way that makes the material sound totally of-the-moment. Cuts such as “Instant Glue” and “Then What” make Cardopusher and Sepalcure seem like immediate family members, with both emphasizing soulful vocal fragments, jittery two-step and garage-house rhythms, and razor-sharp production skills in their current output. In its relatively calmer interplay of beats and melodies, “Loving U” showcases the EP's more late-night side side, after which Point B takes “Then What” for a remix ride that involves a scenic sampling of two-step rhythms, bass wobble, and ice-cold Detroit synth atmospheres. Instant Loving indeed.

November 2011