Caro: My Little Pony

Opening with a classic clip-clop pattern (clip-hop?), Caro's “My Little Pony” oozes a sexy electro-funk vibe with double-tracked vocals (“I love the way you shake your head, I love the way you shake your tail”) slathered over subterranean bass lines and skanky rhythms. Equally fine are the three remixes which reinvent the original while still retaining enough of it to preserve the connection: Ben Nevile breaks it down to a skeletal funk frame without losing its undulating charm; Bruno Pronsato's rambunctious “Capelli's Glue Mix” shuffles along as a sweet microhouse groove besieged by flickering shards and jazzy snare hits; and Beckett + Taylor conjure a radical, almost salsa-flavoured makeover with bouncing rhythms that jerk and shimmy in equal measure. They're all great but Caro's original in particular is as hilarious as it is incredible.

December 2004