Caroline: Sunrise
Temporary Residence Ltd.

Caroline Lufkin entrances again (if rather fleetingly) on this 10-minute, three-song single. The lovely title cut will already be familiar to Murmurs' devotees but the single's worth having for the accompanying “Sunrise” overhaul by Type Records' Logreybeam and, especially, the “Everylittlething” remix by DJ Poignant.

Though not quite as transcendent as her premiere single “Where's My Love?,” Caroline's haunting paean to the sun is quietly magisterial and considerably boosted by the pleading ache in her enchanting vocal as it floats through the clouds. Logreybeam recasts the song as a brooding meditation of subterranean chords and textured clicks, followed by DJ Poignant's radical makeover of the other Murmurs cut which re-imagines the tune as a burning electro-funk club anthem; interestingly, Caroline's voice at times resemble Zeebee's voice even more than her own. The ride's over quickly but it's an engrossing trip nonetheless.

October 2006