Centreless: Centreless
Stray Dog Army

A new alias of James Brewster's, Centreless emphasizes field recordings and digitally-processed sounds in this eponymously-titled EP. Not surprisingly, the material is unconventional in design, but it's not unmusical and rewards close listening. Part of what accounts for its engrossing quality is its mercurial character: the Malmö, Sweden-based producer rapidly shuffles sounds like a deck of cards with each one supplanting another after mere moments. The first part (all three untitled) starts with metallic wipes vanishing into silence before woodsy sounds of storm rumbles and clatter of various forest-like character take over. Fleeting episodes of contrasting textural character then follow, including rippling crackle and heaving static, many of which challenge description. Part two includes nature sounds (water flowing, amplified wind rumble) though it's often difficult to determine whether sounds are in fact natural or convincing simulations. Uncompromisingly experimental, Centreless seemingly packs the maximum amount of material possible into its twelve minutes.

June 2008