Christ.: Seeing and Doing

Seeing and Doing is twenty-four minutes of masterful electronica from Christ. who's been MIA for too long (his Pylonesque EP and debut full-length Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle appeared in 2002 and 2003 respectively). Though a distorted voice dragged across a mutating base in “Fragile X” makes for a brief overture of little consequence, the more aggressive “Marsh of Epidemics” just as quickly showcases Christ.'s distinctive sound. In the first of two versions, a collective babble of fragmented voices croaks amidst an understated funk groove and hypnotic weave of spectral atmospheres, followed later by Alias's (Brendon Whitney) treatment which enlivens it with a subtle broil (and whets one's appetite for a Muted sequel). Though reminiscent of Boards of Canada, “Magic Piano” a dramatic collage of crackling textures, voices, and autumnal string washes, showcases Christ.'s mature handling of his material, while the equally haunting “Alter boy” drapes atmospheric shimmers and angelic coos over lightly swaying pulses. The EP, which also includes a video by Gavin Livingstone, offers a promising foretaste of Christ.'s next album, due for release in late 2005.

May 2005