Chrom: Cygnet Glace
Sushitech Purple

Koljah: Loops For Work

Two four-track EPs by Koljah and Chrom find Sushitech giving off serious minimal heat. Loops for Work, Koljah's excellent Leckerkuchen follow-up, opens with “Morgen,” a potential club monster whose bleepy, hyperactive techno pulse is driven by a roiling bass rumble; in his remix, Damian Schwartz slows the tune slightly in order to soak it in an acidy swamp of water insects and reptiles. On side two, “Mahlzeit” kicks up the dust with clanging beats, obsessive loops, and a bubbling bass strut while “Nabend” gleefully struts a snappy house groove that'd brighten the darkest club.

Previously heard on Sub Static, Israel-based Mike Sharon (aka Chrom) joins Sushitech Purple for his own strong EP Cygnet Glace. “Contaqt” starts the proceedings scenically by streaming space shuttle emissions over a careening house swing that bumps, slips, and slides; throughout the trip, snare rolls induce tension and release with repeated buildups and breakdowns. Accompanied by synthetic sprites and wave flourishes, a dazed and confused bass line climbs up and down a ladder over funky tech-house grooves in the title cut. Klang artist Raudive (Oliver Ho) gives “Cygnet Glace” a clubby rave treatment that exploits its psychotropic potential, followed by “Existence” which closes the EP with spacey atmospheres and a tight, jacking swing.

July 2007