Ciëlo: Radio Subterránea
Static Discos

Radio Subterránea isn't a new collection from Spanish techno-pop duo Ciëlo but a collection of remixes (based on the group's Un Amor Mató El Futuro and Paraíso Vacío releases) that pays homage to ‘80s underground radio in Latin America. In addition to three unreleased tracks, Mario and Cocó's tunes get overhauled by a diverse mix of contributors in a solid hour-long set. Though some cuts are merely serviceable, there's a healthy number of better-than-average treatments, plus diversity: Ciëlo's own “Radio Subterránea,” a joyous synth-pop-techno jaunt, impresses, as does Ascii. Disko's glammy electro-pop treatment of “Lineas Rectas”; memorable too are Celluloide's synth-pop (“Cinema”), Jeans Team's banging electro (“Diagonal”), and .Tape's clockwork intricacy (“Tekno Film”). Three of the release's best remixes are more textural and understated in character: Fax opts for twilight techno minimalism in “Patricia,” while Seekers Who Are Lovers' atmospheric treatment of “Vuelvete Underground” is as delicate as clouds slowly parting, and Isan's suitably-named ‘Electron Cloud' mix of “Elektronika,” a soothing stream of vocodered chants and warm electronic glissandi, is characteristically lovely.

November 2007