Cineplexx: Restar
Testing Ground

Though Barcelona-based Argentinean Sebastián Litmanovich (aka Cineplexx) is joined by guitarists Sebastián Kramer and Martin Litmanovich on a few cuts, Restar is a largely solo production of emotive electronic-pop atmospheres. There's enough pristine whirr and click in Restar's nine tracks to keep the minimal enthusiast happy though folk and ambient moments surface too. In addition to crisp beats and melancholy shimmer, Litmanovich appears to have a soft spot for the Theremin, judging by its repeated warble: its quiver emerges amidst a textured mass of tinkles, throbs, and clicks on “Cucharita” and oscillates alongside harpsichord melodies in the ambient setting “Escape.” He maintains interest by incorporating contrasts of mood, from the relaxed gallop of “Buenas Noches” to the haunting moodscape “Edredón” and ponderous drone “Sleep.” In a welcome change from the norm, arguably the strongest piece appears last: “Bosque” a robust parade of Chain Reaction rattle, tinkling piano chords, and textured noises.

September 2006