Claro Intelecto: Warehouse Sessions Volume 3
Modern Love

Claro Intelecto (Mark Stewart) follows the first volumes in his Warehouse Sessions series with an even more pulverizing 12-inch of Techno and House tracks. A humongous, speaker-incinerating bass rolls through “X” alongside limb-severing hi-hats, the song's stabbing bass so massive it's sure to crack the club's foundation. Having properly set the 4/4 groove in motion, Stewart then shifts the focus to dubby, eruptive squelches. An apparent homage to Mr Fingers, the B-side's “Only Yesterday” is less monstrous and less direct in its attack than “X” but engrossing nonetheless, especially when intricate bass progressions trade jabs with cymbal splashes and spectral noises. Those familiar with Stewart's Ai releases (Neurofibro et al.) might be amazed by the harder-hitting Claro Intelecto sound on display here.

July 2006