Claws For?: Profumo

What we've got here is the inaugural chapter in a projected ten-inch series from Don't Be Afraid under the name DBA DUBS, the idea being to pair a London house dub and a ‘techno-related' dancefloor remix. First up is Profumo, which backs an original by Claws For? (Hackney-based Tom Giles aka Clause Four) of Modern Soul Recordings and DC Recordings with a remix from Miami resident Gosub (Shad T. Scott).

Claws For?'s “Profumo” cultivates a seductive, old-school house vibe in its soulful analogue design and creamy synthesizers. Immensely appealing, too, are its funky bass attack and hand-drum-fueled groove, not to mention its general mood of carefree buoyancy and radiant sparkle. Think of it as six minutes of real music filled with genuine feeling and positivity. On the B side, Gosub gets his greasy fingers all over the tune, slapping it around with a hard-hitting snare and spritzing it with on-fire synth flourishes. What comes out the other side is less classic house cut and more jammin' electro-funk workout. There's nothing earth-shattering going on here, but that's not the intent; consistent with the spirit of this modest venture, DBA DUBS hits its target with a solid opening salvo in the new series.

July-August 2012