Cooly G: Narst / Love Dub Refix / Love Dub

Hyperdub continues its forward-thinking trajectory on its latest 12-inch. New to the label, South London house producer Cooly G nimbly mixes percolating drum patterning and gentle vocals into dubby head-spinners. In Shaolin warrior mode, the A-side's martial-styled “Narst” opens with dark, stabbing string melodies, after which shakers and ricocheting claps enter the fray, and finally a light-footed soca beat to tie it all together. The track's syncopated thrust keeps the listener on edge as Cooly G squeezes every ounce of mystery possible from the Grime-laden cut. The flip's two shorter tracks opt for a breezier and warmer vibe that feels downright tropical after the subterranean plunge of “Narst.” The sensual “Must be love” vocal she drapes across the slinky percussive plenitude of “Love Dub” and “Love Dub Refix” is worth the price of admission all by itself. Though short at thirteen minutes, Cooly's EP upholds the ridiculously high batting average of other recent Hyperdub releases by Kode 9, Joker and 2000F & JKamata, and LD.

May 2009