Cut Copy: FabricLive.29

Joakim's “I Wish You Were Gone” inaugurates Cut Copy's FabricLive.29 set with grooving electro sparkle, immediately intimating that the trio's 25-track outing will be more of a raving, neon-lit excursion than familiar techno mix. Cut Copy's sound is labeled ‘post-punk-meets-disco' and the description fits here too with Melbourne compadres Dan Whitford, Tim Hoey, and Mitchell Scott favouring a robust attack that has more in common with raw punk than minimal house. With its mix of raunchy guitar stabs and bright synth streams, New Young Pony Club's “Get Dancey” encapsulates the style, and funky vocal cuts by Gomma artists Munk (“Disco Clown”) and Who Made Who (“Hello Empty Room”) also uphold the esthetic. Sometimes Cut Copy gravitates from one side to the other: first comes Ciccone Youth's detonating guitar roar (“Into the Groovey”), then moments later the euphoric synth gleam of Midnight Juggernauts' “Shadows” and Fred Falke's “ Omega Man. ” Equal parts chiming electro, punk swagger, indie-rock, and dancefloor grooves, Cut Copy's indie rock-dance hybrid will appeal to LCD Soundsystem fans while its obvious affection for ‘80s-styled synth-glam is showcased by the inclusion of Daft Punk (the Akufen-soul of “Face To Face”), Goldfrapp (a chiming DFA Remix of “Slide In”), and even Roxy Music (a discofied “Angel Eyes”).

September 2006