Dylan C: Switch / We Don't Stop
South Fork Sound

In which South Fork Sound serves up a ten-minute digital single from one Dylan C, an Austin, Texas-based producer whose two tracks offer updated riffs on a decade's worth of UK dance sounds. The punchy head-turner “Switch” twitches with serious intent, its UK garage rhythm popping and swinging with bounce to spare while a male voice repeatedly spits the title and soulful stutters by female vocalists swim within the tune's funky, bass-sweeping swirl. Notwithstanding the regrettable Miley Cyrus association, “We Don't Stop” arrests the hectic flow of “Switch” for a low-down strut whose reverb-scented shuffle Dylan C smatters with voice sample flickerings (“Everybody's talkin' ‘bout the good old days…”) and repeated “Don't stop” commands. In fashioning this material, Dylan C might be drawing from the past, but these tracks nonetheless sound fresh.

July 2014