Easy Changes: Caviar EP

Easy Changes (Russian duo Sil and Denis Guttersnipe) returns with its second foundsound EP, Caviar EP, scant months after its Magic Tunes debut. Both releases are quintessential foundsound in the degree to which they layer dizzying fusillades of creaks, clanks, and careening swirls over minimal bases of clickety house swing and blurping bass lines. Certainly the title cut matches the template, and things turn even more psychotropic when “Dirty Flat” lays its demented collection of boings and sputter over an anchoring lope and vertiginous bass line that are woozier than an out-of-control carousel. “Smolensk” is similarly mind-altering though its foundsound mayhem is countered by a midtempo jack that keeps the ship from capsizing. I'm not sure why the bonus track “Bad Pol'” is relegated to digital-only status when the club-burner is certainly a match for the other three. In fact, of the EP's four tracks, “Bad Pol'” might be the one that strikes the most satisfying balance between dance moves and imaginative invention.

September 2007