Ebola: Mutant Dubstep Vol. 1

On this first of three EPs in Spectraliquid's Mutant Dubstep series, UK-based producer Ben Hudson delivers two Ebola originals and invites Enduser and Shitmat along for a remix ride. The twenty-minute EP gives listeners a good introduction to Hudson 's “broken” style (a wicked amalgam of grime, dubstep, gabba, and breakcore) previously heard on releases for labels like Sublight and Wrong Music. Opener “Painkillers” violently twists dubstep wobble into cubistic shape with its cranium-shattering attack; dive-bombing synths strafe the slamming beat structures while marauding tones convulse on the track's eroded surface. The slightly less raucous “Teledildonics” still chops heads with a pummeling downtempo pulse. Enduser brilliantly recasts “Painkillers” as a throbbing breakcore-infected fireball that's so crushing it could turn your hair white while the madness continues in Shitmat's “DMZ Lamb Chuffchuff” treatment of “Teledildonics” where the original is transformed into a rabid storm of writhing beats and MC madness. Mutant Dubstep: truer words were never spoken.

September 2008