Echologist: Snowblower EP

The second EP on Brendon Moeller's Steadfast imprint comes from the man himself under the Echologist name. In this case, Moeller delivers a generous, forty-minute collection containing four exuberant samplings of dub techno plus a remix by Area. “Dirt” races frenetically forward with a pile-driving beat thrust, its snare cracking in time while melted dub chords stab alongside and smeary blankets of white noise add textural density. With a groove that's as much techno jaunt as rolling house, “Giant” pounds and throbs with a singularly focused determination for eight roaring minutes. In similar manner, the B-side's “Swell” skips with an equally furious determination while ebbing and flowing clouds drape themselves across the relentless, bass-heavy groove. As dizzying as a ten-minute roller-coaster ride, the Moeller's final original, the feverish “Ritual,” slams hardest of all. Relatively laid-back compared to the originals, Area's (digital only) remix of “Dirt” pushes the track into a house direction that's not displeasing. Snowblower's an apt choice of title, as the EP's material is often blizzard-like in the intensity with which it rolls out.

January 2010