Evan Marc: Ekoshok EP
Sentient Sound

Evan Marc follows his Sentient Sound debut Centigrade with Ekoshok, three sleek and nuanced cuts filled with cool dub atmospheres and elegant tech-house grooves. Jumpstarted by dubby boings and a serpentine bass pulse, “Shuffle Bits” moves from laid-back chill to a burbling house groove before easing into an acidy jack; Marc somehow manages to maneuver the tune through multiple styles without sacrificing the tune's coherence. The title cut works up a deep funk vibe from a chugging bass, willowy chords, and a strutting groove, followed by the enveloping locomotive shuffle and aqua-tinting of “Kaluza Klein.” Marc's delicate touch is perfect for that early-morning moment when the frenetic club pace winds down and the need to chill sets in.

November 2006