Eventless Plot / Good Luck mr Gorsky: Split LP

Eventless Plot and Good Luck mr Gorsky—both trios from Thessaloniki—get three tracks each on this split disc from the Thessaloniki , Greece-based Granny label. Good Luck mr Gorsky's up first with sound sculptings built from natural sound sources and various instruments, all of them processed, manipulated, and looped live. “Organisa” takes the listener on a slow drift through an underground tunnel resonant with guitar shadings, horns that cry like dying animals, and other disturbed noises. In the equally slow-moving dirges “Chromes” and “Olchmin,” monotone voices and glockenspiels bleed over curdling bass and drum rhythms. One might liken Good Luck mr Gorsky's gloomy post-rock experimentalism and nocturnal jazz guitar shadings to a diseased Labradford.

Armed with synths, processed guitars, and other instruments, Eventless Plot is kindred in murky spirit to Good Luck mr Gorsky. In “Underseashore,” bell tinkles, disembodied voices, and string tones swim within a thick cauldron of simmering noise while “Gram/Ma” begins tranquilly before swelling into an eruptive mass of clarinet croaks and cymbal accents. “Cautadum” meanders through a gloomy desert of piano tinkles, cello tones, and electrified micro-patter for twelve glassy minutes.

A semi-interesting footnote: Good Luck mr Gorsky got its name from an apocryphal anecdote associated with astronaut Neil Armstrong who supposedly uttered “Good luck, Mr. Gorsky” during his first Apollo 11 lunar walk in 1969; though its veracity is debated, the story goes that when a child, Armstrong overheard his neighbor Mr. Gorsky being told by his wife that when the kid next door walks on the moon, that would be when Mr. Gorsky would get oral sex.

April 2008