Eveson: Grey Dawn / A Dystopian Romance / Deluge

A digital-only three-tracker from Channel 82 Records owner Alex Eveson, a Glastonbury homeboy and current London resident who broke into the drum'n'bass scene doing design work for Metalheadz, Exit Records, Intrigue, and Quarantine, among others. After establishing himself as a DJ, Eveson began to make a name for himself as a producer, with a major boost coming in mid-2006 when some early productions were featured in Fabio's BBC Radio 1 show. Releases on labels such as 31 Records, Creative Source, Good Looking, Critical, and Integral have witnessed Eveson blending a soulful vibe with the characteristic drive and energy of jungle and drum'n'bass.

A sophisticated co-production with Halogenix, “Grey Dawn” is a sleek, mid-tempo reverie that oozes twilight atmosphere in abundance. In its initial moments, the tune's laid-back, suggestive of dark, deserted streets, before growing muscular, its smoldering bass pulse and hard-hitting drum groove a punchy backdrop to a soulful, late-night vocal. By comparison, “A Dystopian Romance” kicks up its heels in time-honoured drum'n'bass fashion, with a lightspeed pulse lunging forward with hushed vocal musings and luscious synth swirls along for the ride. At EP's end, “Deluge” spotlights Eveson's versatility by dimming the lights even more than “Grey Dawn” for a heavily atmospheric downtempo exercise in melancholy moodscaping. Issued concurrently with Lenzman's excellent Looking at the Stars, Eveson's seventeen-minute set shares with that album a soulful vibe that significantly enhances the EP's appeal.

July 2014