APRIL 2008, NO. 43

Ten Questions with: KILN
Nicolay's Top 10 '70s Albums
Kate Simko's Top 10 Women Composers

Chris Abrahams + Mike Cooper: Oceanic Feeling-Like (ROOM40)
Aloof Proof: Piano Text (Infraction)
Ananda Project: Night Blossom (Nite Grooves / King Street Sounds)
Auburn Lull: Begin Civil Twilight (Darla Records)
Evan Bartholomew: Secret Entries Into Darkness (Somnia)
Tomasz Bednarczyk: Summer Feelings (ROOM40)
Craig Bethell: A Day Full of You, A Night Tired of Me (Infraction)
Christopher Bissonnette: In Between Words (kranky)
Bitcrush: Epilogue in Waves (n5MD)
Peter Broderick: Docile (Kning Disk)
Gavin Bryars (with Philip Jeck and Alter Ego): The Sinking of the Titanic (Touch)
Cecilia::eyes: Mountain Tops Are Sometimes Closer to the Moon (dEPOT214)
City Rain: Light Turned On (Boltfish Recordings)
Claro Intelecto: Metanarrative (Modern Love)
Cloudland Canyon: Lie in Light (kranky)
Datassette: Datassette (Ai Records)
Eventless Plot / Good Luck Mr. Gorsky: Split LP (Granny)
The Flashbulb: Soundtrack to a Vacant Life (Alphabasic)
Flica: Windvane & Window (Mü-nest)
Sascha Funke: Mango (Bpitch Control)
Further Details: Old Bones (A Touch of Class)
Carlos Giffoni: Eternal Noise (Bottrop-Boy)
Glowworm: The Coachlight Woods (Post Dog)
Goldfrapp: Seventh Tree (Mute)
Ralf Gum: Uniting Music (Gogo Music)
James T. Cotton: Like No One (Spectral)
Mary St John: Some Leaves Turned Red, Some Still Green (International Corporation)
KILN: Thermals (Infraction)
Jasper Leyland: Wake: Carbon Series Volume 5 (12 x 50 Recordings)
Ljudbilden & Piloten: One hundred fifty-five (Nosordo)
Francisco López: Live in Auckland (MonotypeRec)
Daniel Menche: Glass Forest (Important)
Miguel Migs: Those Things Remixed (Salted)
Mochipet: Microphonepet (Daly City)
Pridon: Apnea Eina (Low Impedance)
Strategy: Music for Lamping (Audio Dregs)
subtractiveLAD: Apparatus (n5MD)
Kuniyuki Takahashi: All These Things (Mule Musiq)
Urban Soul: Alright (Juno)
Rick Wade: The Good, the Bad, and the Deep (Yore)

Compilations / Mixes
Apparat: Remixes and Parts to Be Frickeled (Shitkatapult)
VA: Ambient Not Not Ambient (Audio Dregs)
VA: A Number of Small Things: A Collection of Morr Music Singles From 20012007 (Morr Music)
VA: B.I.P.P.P.: French Synth Wave 1979-1985 (Everloving)
VA: The Garden of Forking Paths (Important)
VA: Wait til the Ice Melts (Exponential)
VA: You Don't Know (Ninja Cuts)

3" / 7" / 10" / 12" / EPs
Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia: Dead Souls (Buzzin' Fly)
Dabrye: Get Dirty (Ghostly)
Manuel De Lorenzi: Spaceland EP (Immigrant Digital)
Domink Eulberg: Herbarium (Traum)
Simon Haydo: Different Shades of White (Stockholm Ltd)
Alton Miller: Full Circle (Yore)
MLZ: Alice Loop (Modern Love)
Nos Phillipé: Shh... Camille (Confront Collectors Series)
Peverelist: Infinity is Now (Tectonic)
Van Rivers: Messed Up Alternative (Islands & Islets)
Sebrok: Pyrolator EP (Paso Music)
Kate Simko: She Said (Spectral)
Ralph Sliwinski: Pox Box (Sushitech)
Telepaticos: Carpe Sativa (Enclave Recordings)
VA: Death is Nothing to Fear 3 (Spectral)
VA: DINTF EP (Spectral)

MARCH 2008, NO. 42

The Artist Speaks: Rick Wade
Mico Nonet's Top 10 Early Ambient Pioneers
Solvent's Top 10 New Wave / Electro-Pop Records
Ten Questions with Autistici (by Leandro Pisano)

An On Bast: Words Are Dead (Rednetic)
Aster: Some Things Seldom Heard Of (Corp!Corp!)
Autistici: Volume Objects (12k)
Balmorhea: Rivers Arms (Western Vinyl)
Beneva vs. Clark Nova: Sombunall (Fenêtre Records)
Bersarin Quartett: Bersarin Quartett (Lidar)
Bong-Ra: Full Metal Racket (Ad Noiseam)
Carlos y Gaby: La Voz Sabia De Los Cosmos (Alpha Pup)
Enrico Coniglio-Elisa Marzorati: dyanMU (Psychonavigation)
Daedelus: Live at Low End Theory (Alpha Pup)
Detritus: Fractured (Ad Noiseam)
Dom Mino': Time Lapse (Schole)
Lawrence English: For Varying Degrees of Winter (Baskaru)
Yair Etziony: Flawed (SPEKK)
Evangelista: Hello, Voyager (Constellation)
Fear Falls Burning: When Mystery Pervades the Well, the Promise Sets Fire (Tonefloat)
Fear Falls Burning: First by a Whisper, Then by a Storm (Tonefloat / Ikon)
Fluorescent Grey: Gaseous Opal Orbs (Record Label Records)
Forestflies: Structure/Chaos (Auetic)
Heribert Friedl: Trac[k]_t (Line)
Glowstyx: Class of 1992 (Cock Rock Disco)
Inlandsis: Premier Froids (Arbouse)
KiloWatts: Ground State (Native State)
Krill.minima: Nautica (Native State)
M.B + E.D.A.: Regolelettroniche (Baskaru)
Mico Nonet: The Marmalade Balloon (Mico Nonet)
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: Anatomy of Inner Place (MonotypeRec)
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: Épicycle (Etude)
Németh: Film (Thrill Jockey)
David Newlyn: Looped Fragments of Longing (October Man)
orchestramaxfieldparrish: The Silent Breath of Emptiness (Faith Strange)
Pedro: You, Me & Everyone (Mush)
Qebo: Wroln (Low Impedance)
Jose Luis Redondo: La Reponse Est Aux Pieds (Etude)
The Retail Sectors: The Starlight Silent Night (Symbolic Interaction)
Robedoor: Closer to the Cliff (Interregnum)
Scorn: Stealth (Ad Noiseam / Jarring Effects)
Snöleoparden: Snöleoparden (Rump)
Take: The Dirty Decibels of Thomas Two Thousand (Eat Concrete)
Taunus: Harriet (Ahornfelder)
Temposhark: The Invisible Line (Paper + Glue)
Robert Scott Thompson: At the Still Point of the Turning World (Hypnos)
Asmus Tietchens: h-menge (Line)
Z-arc: Accumulative Effect (Boltfish)

VA: Back to Back Vol. 2 (Mobilee)
VA: 1 | Favourite Places (Audiobulb)
VA: Future Memories (Interchill)
VA: Nothing Works As Planned (Interval)
VA: Twin Earth Atlantic (Eat Concrete)

3"/ 7"/ 10"/ 12"/ EPs
Franco Cangelli: Highway (Aesthetik Records)
Cheju: Hutton (October Man)
Figurines: Hey Girl EP (Strange Feeling Records)
Pär Grindvik: Score for Direction (Stockholm)
Hugo: Born to Bop (Claque Musique)
Gregg Kowalsky: Tendrils in Vigne (Rootstrata)
Lerosa: Killester (A Touch of Class)
Mico Nonet: Majola Pass / Hammock (Mico Nonet)
Moldy (featuring Juakali): Glory (Earwax)
Take: Plus Ultra EP (Inner Current)
The Third Man: Before We Begin EP (Ai Records)
VA: Buzzin' Fly Vol 4 Remixes 2 (Buzzin' Fly)
Andy Vaz: Moon Talk Protection EP (Telegraph)

MONO: The Sky Remains the Same as Ever (Temporary Residence)