Timo Garcia: Gonna Be / Mississippi Disco
Veryverywrongindeed Recordings

A choice two-tracker from Veryverywrongindeed offers listeners a succinct sampling of DJ/producer and Berwick Street Records manager Timo Garci's skills. Opener “Gonna Be” emerges from a springy fountain of deep bass rumble and slippery drum moves, with Garcia working an “Everything's gonna be alright” vocal sample into a funky, low-slung lather. The wiry tune twists and turns wonkily, standing as upright as a saluting soldier one moment and toppling like bowling pins the next with Garcia holding it together using the vocal treatments as glue. The weirdness quotient initially goes down ever so slightly in “Mississippi Disco” but picks up again when Garcia throws pulsating bass throb and electronic splashes in the air like so many spinning plates. The vibe's carefree and the groove's jacking in the seven-minute rug-cutter by the man otherwise known as Tim Belcher. At only two tracks, there's not a lot here necessarily though certainly enough to make one hungry for more.

July 2010