Geiom & Shortstuff: No Hand Signals / Wardenclyffe
Planet Mu

Planet Mu continues its attempt at world domination with another steamy two-tracker, this one from Geoim and Shortstuff who manage to squeeze a wealth of innovation into a ten-minute running time. Sounding like it's playing at 78 rpm, “No Hand Signals” digs into a rollicking, hyperactive mix of tight, dubstep-rooted beat structures and agitated synth stabs that unspools frenetically without going out of control. Dizzying too is the flip's “Wardenclyffe,” which catalyzes a slightly slower and soca-influenced beat pattern into a bass-thrusting and synth-squiggling head-spinner. Best to pay attention ‘cos the Nottingham-based duo packs a pile of melodic heat into these tunes' too-fast rides.

January 2010