Glimpse & Martin Eyerer: Southern Soul
Buzzin' Fly

Stuttgart-based DJ, producer, label owner, and radio show producer Martin Eyerer teams up with London-based young gun Chris Spero (aka Glimpse) for a pulsating slab of deep jazz-techno titled “Southern Soul” while remixers Jay Shepheard and Stephan Hinz take the cut for earthier spins. Elegant piano sprinkles and chords get the ten-minute track to a radiant start before a bubbling house groove kicks in, its syncopated attack spurred on by hi-hats and a pounding 4/4 kick drum pattern. With the soul-jazz swing of the relentlessly pumping cut never faltering and Eyerer and Glimpse riding the summery track's wave like would-be surfers , the ride that follows is breezy and fleet-footed in the extreme . Shepheard opts for a less breakneck pace in his clubby remake and shifts the focus to funkier territory, as piano and vocal loops coil into hypnotic dervishes and astral strings lift the track skyward while the skipping beat tightens up. Hinz's treatment gravitates a bit more towards the original's style than to Shepheard's though does ground it in a percussive, tech-house swing that retains some of the latter's potency.

October 2009