The Go Find: Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight
Morr Music

The Go Find—ostensibly a vehicle for Dieter Sermeus' pop ruminations—returns with its third collection of swooning folk-pop. Often seeped in nostalgic remembrance of better days and adolescent innocence (in the title song, Sermeus sings “Let me take you back to the ‘90s…” and elsewhere sings of “hanging out in the neighbourhood … loving the same girl from the park”), the outfit's jangly folk-pop goes down easily. Some uptempo songs appear but the ones that make the greater impression are the heartfelt ballads (“Love Will Break Us Up”), and the loveliest moment on the thirty-nine-minute outing is “Stay,” which finds Sermeus musing on lost love and regret.

An occasional synthesizer (the ELP-like Moog that blazes through “It's Automatic”) surfaces but the songs are fundamentally built around an acoustic guitar-vocals-drums core. Vocal variety arrives in the form of a duet with female siren Karo on “One Hundred Percent” and backing from Mintzkov's Lies Lorquet on the entrancing “Just A Common Love.” Though there are a couple of surprises—“Heart Of Gold” isn't a tribute to Neil Young but rather an ode to Roxy Music (the song's subtle electric guitar shadings are, in fact, reminiscent of Phil Manzanera's sophisticated playing on Avalon )—Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight isn't out to blaze new trails. Even so, there's no denying Sermeus has a penchant for strong hooks, as the breezy Beatles-esque choruses of “It's Automatic” and “Lottery Man” confirm.

February 2010