Greater Than One: Kill the Pedagogue

Kill the Pedagogue was originally released by Greater Than One (Michael Wells and the late Lee Newman, who died in 1995 from skin cancer) in 1985 on a chrome 40-minute cassette tape and included no track titles or identification of side A or B. It also, incidentally, appeared after, ahem, Lay Your Penis Down (also 1985) and before the group's first full-length record, 1987's All the Masters Licked Me. Kill the Pedagogue's opening piece is a ghastly bit of tribal business while the second sounds like the aural track to an terrifyingly harrowing snuff film. The longest piece is eleven minutes but it's actually more like a collection of brief vignettes of varying experimental character. In many ways, the release (its first appearance on CD) is reminiscent of Ike Yard's 1980-82 Collection which was also resurrected from near-oblivion, in that case by Acute Records. Both releases are raw and primal—not surprisingly, considering their emergence in the post-punk era—in their merging of guitars, drums, and primitive electronics. Like other releases in the Brainwashed Handmade series, the release is presented in a letterpress-printed sleeve and comes equipped with images, text, and bonus audio files (including the Lay Your Penis Down material).

December 2006